Blue Meanies Capsules 150MG


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Capsules: Regular strength

Dose/capsule – 150mg/capsule x 15

Intended use – Micro Dosing

Total Dose – 2250mg (2.25g)/bottle

Recommended Dosages:

For first time use of a micro dose capsule determine what time of day it is that you wish to see the improved mental health benefits of micro dosing and take it 2 hours before hand.  E.g. take the pill either in the morning to get the benefits during the day or if use is intended for night time benefits (insomnia/sleep disorders) use in the evening.  Start by taking once/day for 2 full weeks; in the first week the body will acclimate to the new medication and by the second week individuals should start to notice the benefits of micro dosing.  After 2 weeks of dosing, take a 3 – 5-day break to allow the body to reset and clear any residual psilocybin.  When resuming medication take 1 pill regularly everyday for 5 days – a week, and then take a 2-day break.  Continue this medication cycle unless benefits become harder to attain.

If this is the case, then one should either; stop medication treatments to allow the body to reset and then attempt to resume medication cycle.  If after resuming the medication one still does not continue/never did notice the benefits of micro dosing, we would then recommend the extra strength capsules on the same cycles.

Types & highlighted effects: 

All micro dose capsules will help to; boost mood, improve focus, improve energy, reduce anxiety, provide peaceful sleep, and reduce trauma.  We have noticed in our research online and from both customer feed back and from employee’s own personal medical use that certain types help some mental health diagnoses better than others

Golden Teacher: Improved focus and concentration, helps with ADHD & OCD.

Blue Meanies: Helps reduce Anxiety and stress while boosting creativity!

Penis Envy: Helps those suffering from PTSD, Insomnia, and Depression.


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