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Welcome to colorado’s Shroomyz Magic Mushroom Dispensary. We are colorado’s First ever Medical Magic Mushrooms Dispensary. with an entry into our Dispensary, you buzz into, ID checks, knowledgeable staff, and Apple Store style display cases with carefully arranged products. Shop from a collection of over 100 products such as dried mushrooms, gummies, bars, bites and drops! Anything you’re looking for, Shroomyz can supply, from dried psilocybin and microdose capsules to mushroom chocolates to mushroom tea. “The dried mushrooms are the biggest sellers” Buy Magic Mushrooms Online

Intended use – Micro Dosing

Total Dose – 4400mg (4.4g)

Dose/piece – 440mg/piece x 10pieces

Recommended Dosages & Effects – 1 piece (improved focus & concentration, reduced anxiety & depression, no body buzz), 2-5 pieces (light body buzz, hyper focused, energized, light & wavey feeling, giggly, happy, euphoric, minimized anxiety & depression), 6-10 pieces (strong body buzz!)buy Cambodian Cubensis Gummies

Description – Deep in the jungles of Cambodia lies a long guarded secret; a potent secret with a mellow feel. The caretakers invite you to experience a strain boasting a long lasting creative high and enlightening outlook.


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