Chamomile Tea


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Chamomile Tea

Intended use – Traditional/Advanced Micro dosing, macro dosing

Total Dose – 5g (psilocybin mushrooms)/package

Individual Tea bag – 1g psilocybin mushrooms + lose leaf tea blend

Recommended Dosages & Effects: 

1 bag : Laughter, audible effects, some altered perceptions.

2-3 bags : Heightened sense, Visual effects, full on trip for most!

4-5 bags : Intense trip, not for beginners!

Instructions/Guide : 

Start by bringing your water to a boil. (smaller amounts of water will be more potent with recommended dosages), allow the water to come down to a steeping temperature (no more bubbles).  Add in the desired amount of tea bags and allow to steep for 11-18 min before consuming.  For maximum effect, add lemon juice to the tea while it steeps along with ginger and honey.  The ginger and honey will help with digestion and nausea.Chamomile Tea


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