Penis Envy Capsules 2250MG


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Capsules: Regular strength

Dose/capsule – 150mg/capsule x 15

Intended use – Micro Dosing

Total Dose – 2250mg (2.25g)/bottle


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For first time use of a micro dose capsule determine what time of day it is that you wish to see the improved mental health benefits of micro dosing and take it 2 hours before hand.  E.g. take the pill either in the morning to get the benefits during the day or if use is intended for night time benefits (insomnia/sleep disorders) use in the evening.  Start by taking once/day for 2 full weeks; in the first week the body will acclimate to the new medication and by the second week individuals should start to notice the benefits of micro dosing.Penis Envy Capsules 2250MG


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